Our School’s SGH Designation

Target concept:
“Fostering global leaders who will shoulder the future of NAGANO as an international city with tourism promotion as the nucleus”

Major initiatives

Theme studies and projects

~ Study Nagano Prefecture as a multi-faceted tourism destination with a global tourism promotion strategy as the focal point ~
In order to enhance the attractions and values of Nagano and promote increasing numbers of visitors to Nagano, students design and propose methods for disseminating to the world the attractions and values of Nagano, centering on such fields as sports (skiing, skating and Nagano Winter Olympics) and agriculture and food – by enhancing and promoting Nagano Prefecture’s “strengths.”
  • *Fields:
    1. Sports  2. Agriculture & Food  3. Producers' goods & Forestry  4. Local brand products
    5. Nature & Environment  6. Education, History, Art, Culture  7.Health & Long life
  • *Global perspective ⇔ Getting to know Nagano, “our home”
  • *Nagano Prefecture’s “strengths”: A perspective (multi-faceted strategy) for enhancing added value by coordinating the positive strengths of “tourism” (the key industry) and other industrial fields (Ex.: nature×tourism; agriculture×tourism; agriculture×producers’ goods)
  • *Links with: Nagano prefectural administration and municipalities as well as local businesses, groups and universities advancing globalization
  • *Method: Use of integrated study hours (one credit for each grade)
1st Year Study commences after establishing respective fields, targets and themes – to know Nagano, “our home”, better
Field > Target > Theme (Ex.: Agriculture & Food > ○○ Farm > Strategy to market △△ worldwide)
Subject set by the school: “Global Economy” (1 credit)
⇒2nd Year Enhancing studies from a global respective. Study tour to Taiwan (discussing the themes in English with Taiwanese high school students; the itinerary will also include home stay and field work.) Summing up the study results and advancing proposals.
All students are required to complete the course curriculum up to this stage; further progressive stages will apply only to the 40 students who have produced outstanding achievements and been evaluated as having positive potential as future leaders.
March: Leader training tour to the U.S.A.
⇒3rd Year We will hold what is called the “Zenkoji Global Summit,” where students will discuss in English regarding “The Future of Nagano and the World” with high school students from various countries of the world. They will disseminate the summaries of the discussions to the world.

Overseas study tours

2nd graders November Taiwan (all students) – Each class will interact with seven senior high schools in Kaohsiung to discuss theme projects, etc.
  March Leader training tour to the U.S.A. (40 students), visiting New York, Washington D.C. and Boston

Developing communication abilities

  • Subjects set by the school: “English Language Project I, II” – one credit each for 1st and 2nd grade students
  • Improvement of English language class: For 1st through 3rd grade students
  • Zenkoji Global Summit: For 3rd grade students, around May
  • Other programs

  • Participation in Obuse×Summer School by H-LAB
  • Student assembly activities
  • Gap-Term Plan: Short-term acceptance of overseashigh school students who wish to enroll in Japanese universities